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Innovative Traffic Management Systems

GridSmart® is a Dynamic Vision Based Intelligence Software for traffic management, fuel consumption and vehicle emissions reduction, congestion mitigation and security solutions through the use of a single camera for governmental entities around the world.

GridSmart® is currently being used in 22 countries and 30 states.


Intersection Counting
Know exactly how many and what kind of vehicles travel your intersections
Intersection Actuation
GridSmart helps your intersections function at optimum efficiency
Pedestrian Detection
GridSmart will detect and count pedestrians
Real Time Data
Know what’s going on at all time in your intersections
Highway Applications
Wrong way detection, stopped vehicle detection, and more
Horizon to Horizon Views
Only GridSmart lets you see the entire intersection and beyond at one time, with one camera
Virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom
GridSmart gives you the ability to change your view, while ensuring you never miss a second of data
On the Go Technology
With GridSmart’s iPad & iPhone app, you can monitor your intersection at any time

Do you want to improve traffic congestion, lower costs, improve safety and reduce fuel consumption in your city?

We can help.


 The results we’ve seen are remarkable… When considering the ongoing maintenance expenses with loops, and the high initial purchase and install costs of traditional video, the City is realizing projected savings between $125,000 – $175,000 over the next ten years by deploying GridSmart in seven locations undergoing major construction. Bryon Fortner, Director of Public Works, City of Sevierville
I personally think Aldis is easier to mount, install and use than anyone else out there.  We’re very impressed with the features Aldis® has, and its easier installation.  You only have one or at the most two cameras depending on the size of the intersection, it’s less expensive all the way around.  First, we chose it because it cost less, but it has so many features other systems don’t have.  You get more benefits for the money. Ronald Amaya, Assistant City Traffic Engineer, City of Peoria


Easy, flexible, powerful.  GridSmart® is built for you.
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